primary color-key@2x Human Resources (HR) Consulting

Analysis, Support, and Counsel

If having a successful team was as easy as just hiring the right people, management would be so simple. We recognize that recruiting is just the first step toward building a highly effective organization. Strategic human resource management is specialized work and our expert team is here to reinforce and support your existing HR functions.

Our team recognizes that there are many critical components of building a highly successful HR infrastructure that supports every business unit and employee within your organization. We also understand that competing institutional priorities can often place even the most effective HR team in the position of crisis managers and problem solvers versus strategic business partners.   Our expert team is available to provide unbiased bench strength in support of achieving your organization’s strategically aligned HR goals and objectives.

Through either our hourly or project-based services, we provide expert support in a wide range of service areas, freeing up limited internal human resources to focus on high-level strategy and development.

Types of projects include:

  • Personnel Record Audits
  • Management Coaching
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Talent Management
  • HRIS Systems Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Staffing Design
  • Building a Major Gifts Program
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Employee Handbook(s) Assessment, Development and
  • Payroll Systems Analysis