secondary color - key@2x Why Hire A Search Firm?

Employers often overlook the full costs of hiring, thinking only about direct expenses like salaryhard facts of hiring and advertising. However, when you calculate staff’s time in identifying, qualifying and interviewing candidates, and then training the new employee—the bigger picture becomes clearer. The truth is that hiring the right employee is an investment.

We often get asked: Why expend resources on a retained Executive Search firm? There are a multitude of reasons. Some for your organization to consider include:

  • Do your hiring personnel have professional knowledge of the field they are hiring in? Do they really know what a Vice President for Development does? Can they ask the right questions of IT candidates? Can they evaluate how a professional talks about donor portfolio management?
  • How much time can you dedicate to networking and reaching out to potential candidates? Regardless of economic times, most individuals we place come from another position. Such a candidate needs to be sought out, courted, and sold on making a switch to your organization. Most often, the “best” candidates are not actively out seeking a change…they need to be found.
  • How broad is your network? Alford Executive Search has a thirty-year plus network of individuals, clients and relationships that we leverage in a search. We have an international database of 40,000+ names and each search reaches, minimally, 1,000 names in our initial networking.
  • Is filling this position the only job someone has? Oftentimes the responsibility for hiring falls to an individual who already has multiple deadlines, commitments, and pressures on their desk. How much time can they devote to filling this vacancy? Our team is solely focused on your search and finding you a pool of applicants as quickly as possible.
  • How objective can you/your team be? External help brings a level of objectivity to the process, which is hard to obtain internally. If the position has had significant turn over or is new, an external viewpoint may help “sell” the position differently to candidates who otherwise may not apply. Furthermore, our team will be honest with you and help you align many factors that are critical to hiring the best individual, including expectations, compensation, job parameters, etc.
  • How skilled are you in hiring? Our team is trained in the process of hiring. Emotions, biases, perceptions, stereotypes, and first impressions are powerful human forces that profoundly affect judgment. If you don’t hire on a regular basis, it is easy to have these forces influence your decision. Our team uses a performance-based model to assess the applicants’ skills and competency base and objectively presents a pool of candidates that are prepared to perform at the level you define.
  • What is your plan for onboarding? Our team will work with the hiring manager in the first few months to ensure a smooth transition. We conduct regular quarterly check-in meetings during the first year to be your partner and coach in the success of the new hire.

At KEES, we consider every search a partnership—not only by making a single hire, but also by building a successful and thriving team. Clients generally find that the input and perspectives we provide are helpful well beyond the scope of the specific search. Contact us for more information on how we can best partner with you!