primary color-key@2xDiSC Profiles and Team Enhancement

We understand that one of the most important steps to human resource management is team building. Identifying personality traits, natural gifts and preferences, and stylistic tendencies of the team make it possible to determine steps to improve team dynamics, establish effective collaboration, improve motivation, and manage conflicts. We use the DiSC profile for both individual Executive Coaching and Team Building partnerships.



The DiSC profile is a personal assessment tool that provides a common language used to allow leaders and individuals to understand their own behavior patterns and how to adapt that behavior with others most effectively. KEES will administer the DiSC style assessment to identified team member(s) and leader(s), analyze the results, and design and facilitate a team building session that will address the assessments’ impact in order to help your organization best utilize the talents of individual staff members and maximize overall efficiency.

Benefits of the team building/style assessment tool include:

Manage more effectively by understanding how to motivate your team members, manage conflicts and uncover potential conflicts.

  • Uncover potential “blind spots” or areas of soft skill your team may be lacking.
  • Gain strategies for building better project teams that will ensure success.
  • Optimize your team members’ responsibilities to maximize performance.
  • Learn how to better manage your supervisor by understanding his/her style.
  • Increase self-knowledge and become a more effective leader.