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Often organizations find themselves with a task that does not require a full-time staff member, or they have a time-defined vacancy or functions that are ongoing and cannot wait until a full-time staff member can be found. At KEES, we understand that your organization needs to continue to function smoothly, even (and often especially), when there are staffing disruptions.

We can often provide an immediate solution, whether from our own team, our strategic partners, or our broad network of professionals. We can help you undertake a special project, provide part-time consulting, or temporarily fill a critical role so that your organization can continue to function at its optimal level, focusing on mission and overall objectives.

Recent types of positions or areas/departments for which we have provided interim support, whether as a stand-alone project or as part of a larger search partnership, include:

  • President and CEO / Executive Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Program Officer and Director of Residential Service
  • Chief Advancement/Philanthropy/Development Officer
  • Human Resources (senior and mid-level)
  • Annual Fund
  • Database Administrator
  • Major Gifts
  • Grant Writer (philanthropic and government)
  • Special Events

In support of your specific needs, we work with leadership to define the scope and depth of involvement needed and then serve those needs on-site and/or off site with a flexible approach that fits your organization’s culture and schedule.

The outcome of these engagements varies by circumstance, but overall our clients share with us that not only did our expertise enable them to meet their interim/gap need, but also that our team helped them further more goals and projects than anticipated.

If you are interested in exploring an specialty staffing partnership for your organization, email us at

We look forward to unlocking your organization’s full potential!